Saturday, October 25, 2008

It was all good. (Ginoo at Binibining Saudi Arabia 2008)

It wasn't perfect but it went well. I hope people were entertained, After all the practices and long wait the pageant was done.

I just totally missed being on-stage that's why i did it. As usual mr. hari ng sablay parin ako...hahahaha!!! but i don't care atleast I was back on-stage.

I appreciated SE Productions help. They were really supportive.

First song was "SUMMER JAM". After 2 years of not performing and not singing my breathing really did not worked with me... so I'll call that performance "hingal performance" hahaha!!! hindi naman ganon during footloose...I have to exercise my lungs again if I want to do stints like that..buti nalang had very good choreographers Jei-C and Ogie..
hinataw ko na! Thanx guys...

Sayang lang kasi walang monitor na nakaharap sa stage kaya I was really having a hard time hearing myself during the performance... well thats life

2nd song was "UMBRELLA", did a male rendition of the song. 1 of my youth ministry members Ram Cayabyab did the guitars for me...Galing ng bata..9 yrs old palang nagpopower chords na..hahaha!! Thank you RAM ate Susan and kuya Ramil and Kaikai na rin for letting me borrow Ram.heheehehehe!!

Stress releaver ang nangyari and I'm glad I said Yes to our director RON J. Thank you sir RON!!!

and FYI ung crush ko ang nanalo...hahahaha... yes!

check out the winners.

Friday, September 19, 2008

110/120 at the age of 25

3 days nakong absent. was not feeling well na for atleast 2 days before i decided to take a leave and go to the doctor. My shoulder felt so heavy as if somebody or something was sitting on it...(scary!) and my neck really hurts.

HIGHBLOOD!!! I was history of hypertension in my family, not overweight also.....

Well the lady doctor was shocked as well... 3 probable causes...

1st.. stress.. 2nd.. stress 3rd... too much stress...

Thank God, my BP's back to normal....but I'm still on observation...

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Janeza Joy Aragon..

My one and only sister...tiguwang nata!!hahahah!!!

Happy Birthday. I love you po!!

Monday, August 11, 2008


dadeh! deh! deeehh!!(pagtinatawag!) hehehe..i think its just a combination of being bisaya and being sambal.

Happy Birthday sayo Ama, Tatay,Daddy,Dada,Dad,Baba,Father...hehehehe!!!

Nobody's perfect in this world but I'm proud to be your son....I've always been proud...

Love you very much!!..I'm praying for your health always...

Friday, August 08, 2008

Sa gitna ng init!!

Dahil sobrang init sa kwarto ko.. im now outside my room buti nalang wifi ung internet connection....

It's been a busy day today... practice ng PW... tapos rehearsal ng wedding kasi Best Man ako...

Ganda ng line up ko dis week..

I'm singing chris tomlin's "How great is our God"

Grabeh ang ganda ng songs ni CHRIS TOMLIN...

Tapos we practiced Ever More.. ang ganda nga arrangement...haaay!!! so tiring but so blessed. Thank God!!!

Sana may A/C na...huhuhu!!!

NO A/C!!! I hate it!!

It's 50degees celcius here in riyadh and ironically our A/C is broken. 2 days na....grrr!!!

I now feel like im inside a sauna...kahit nakaopen na ung windows and door ko...ganon padin...

5 times in the shower in 1 day!! Ayoko na!!! Inaway ko na ung Sri Lankan na in-charge. I tried to be patient. I tried to understand...but I can't take it anymore...

Now I'm making this blog outside my room because its just too hot...

I think somebody's making fun of me. Last week 2 days namang wala kaming ilaw.. now A/C naman...whats next?

I think I'll buy a fan..or ung cooler...just incase..

kainis talaga... pag hindi pa nila inayos to...magwawala nako... grrrr....


Finally I was able to format my laptop...I'm back in business. Ayoko nang maging good samaritan...Ayan tuloy navirusan ung computer ko..Lesson learned! hahahaha!!!

Almost two years and ngayon lang nangyari na tinamaan ako ng virus akala ko immune ako dun..hahaha!!! nagpavaccine kaya ako..joke!!!


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Mga Babae sa Buhay ko

I was sick yesterday that is why I wasn't able to go to work. While I was in bed I kinda started thingking of the old peeps/ friends that I have. Then I thought of the women who became close, made a mark, had a relationship with or inspired me in my life. Nagulat ako kasi kahit papano madami dami din sila.hehehehe!!! Well I think I wasn't just able to thank most of them for becoming part of my life. If you you read this Thanks a lot! My respect for women is really high because of you.


this people trully inspired me in some ways. Though most of them I havent had any communication anymore. They are now inside the treasure chest of my life.

pasensya na nagkasakit lang kaya naging senti.hahahaha!! PEACE...

Sunday, July 06, 2008

i hate my tummy!!

I've been trying to remove this baby fat in my tummy for a very long time.. hahahaha!! natawa ako bigla "baby fat" i dont know what to call it so pabayaan nalang.

hopefully i will still continue to have the passion of becoming fit. im getting tired na. ive jogged a hundred thousand miles already. i did sit ups on almost all the upbeat music on my ZEN. but still its still there...waaa!!! what to do?

i wont loose this battle kaya ko to!! wala lang bigla ko lang naisip na sabihin kasi sobrang frustrated nako.hahahaha!!

goodluck to me! and i support myself!! wahahaha...